Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Faceless Man Costume

Game of Thrones Faceless Man Costume

The Faceless man in Game of Thrones is a mysterious character.  In the first few seasons we don’t know anything about him, which house he belongs to or what his purpose is.  Arya finds him imprisoned and saves him from burning to death.  In return the Faceless man kills 3 people of her choosing in return.  Arya later looks for his house of Black and White to learn the ways of the Faceless Men.   Arya waited to be accepted into the order of Faceless men, she showed her patience by sweeping floors and cleaning bodies of the dead.  The Faceless man told her that the Faceless men do not own anything nor is anyone.  To become one of them is to reject anything from their past lives.  They must give up everything to gain what they really want.  The Faceless men are religious men for hire, but they don’t come cheap and most of the time the price cannot be paid.  Arya forfeits everything she owns, throws clothes into the sea.  Arya learns the ways of the Faceless Men.  For some reason she’s blind and has to learn how to fight a girl blindly.  She’s beaten many times but she has to beat the girl fighting blind before she can pass to the next level.  Anyways I love after she becomes one of the Faceless men, she visits Walder Frey and takes revenge on him for her family that was killed in the Red Wedding which includes her mother Catelyn Stark and her brother Robb Stark and numerous other people.  Find the best Faceless Man costume idea below.

The Faceless man costume is best paired with Arya Stark.

GOT Faceless Man Costume

Faceless Man Costume for Adults

Game of Thrones Faceless Man Costume for Adults


The Faceless Man Costume is made from pure polyester, which is much more comfortable than the itchy burlap robes traditionally worn in medieval times. The hood is ideal for moving around incognito in evil sheriff controlled territory, and the cross and rosary show just who a friar really works for at the end of the day.

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