Easter – Cute Bunny Costume for Kids

Easter Cute Bunny Costume for Kids

Spring is around the corner and that means before you realize it, it’s going to be Easter.  Easter is a great time of the year as well because that means chocolate! Lots of chocolate eggs and Easter egg hunts, cute bunnies, kids running around looking for chocolate, egg painting and so much more.   This year your family can be the cutest by having a fleet of the cutest bunnies in the neighborhood. You can check out cute bunny costumes for babies by clicking here or this in post you can see cute bunny costume ideas for kids below.   Dressing them up for the day or just for a photo op and saving these photos to cherish in the future are great ideas.   How can you resist these cute bunny costumes.

Cute Bunny Costume Ideas for Kids

Cute Infant Rabbit Costume

Easter Cute Bunny Costume ideas for kids


The soft one piece tunic features elastic around the base, so it fits your little tyke comfortably, and there is plenty of fiberfill built into it to give them a plump bunny look. The matching floppy ear hood has eyes and a little nose sewn on it, and adorable bunny teeth to go with your toddler’s smile. Keep an eye on your carrots when this little rabbit is bouncing around, or they might eat them all up!

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Brown bunny costume for kids

Easter Cute Bunny Costume ideas for kids


Made of 100% polyester faux fur, this jumpsuit features a zipper in the back of the suit and comes with mittens attached! The mittens also have elastic bands around the mitten cuffs. The hood has a velcro strap under the chin, and the feet coverings have an ankle band. So give your little rascally rabbit the perfect thing to hop down the bunny trail in…even better.

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Kids Grey Cute Bunny Costume

Easter Cute Bunny Costume ideas for kids


Despite feeling like real fur, this jumpsuit is covered in soft, grey faux fur. That’s right, absolutely zero rabbits were harmed in the making of this costume. The exclusive costume is an extra cozy outfit to wear and should help keep your child warm in the cool autumn weather if he heads out trick-or-treating. The hood has a pair of big ol’ floppy bunny ears on top, that may just make your little one feel like hopping around the rabbit trail like Peter Cottontail.

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Cute Bunny Costume
Easter Cute Bunny Costume ideas for kids

The playful bunny head hood and paws are sure to draw a few smiles, but this outfit isn’t just about looks. The snuggly microfiber faux fur and gentle wrist and ankle cuffs of this outfit will help ensure that even sensitive or squirrely young ones can share in the fun. In addition, newborn & infant sizes have inseam snaps for diaper access.
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