Circus Clown Costume Ideas for Adults

Circus Clown Costume for Adults

Who doesn’t love a good clown at a Busker fest or circus?  They are the best shows to watch.  They don’t say a word but can make you laugh.  Now tell me how easy is that?? I would say it’s pretty hard.  Clowns are cool and kids love clowns too.  It’s even better if you know how to make those balloon animals.  Kids love clowns and balloon animals at any carnival.  Dress up as a clown any time of the year, doesn’t just need to be for Halloween or to go to work (just kidding) can be anywhere.  Unless you really want to dress up like a clown, no one is stopping you.  Find the best Circus clown costume ideas for adults below.  Click here to find more circus costumes such as a ringmaster and more.

Circus Clown Costume Ideas for Adults

Big Top Clown Costume

Big Top Clown Costume for Adults


Like everything else, good clowning starts with the little things, and parties are perfect for the little things. Take the pom-poms on your patched up jacket, they’re soft and squishy, as tempting to squeeze as that nose on your face.

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Dotted Clown Costume

Dotted Clown Costume for Adults


Slip this red and white number on and you’ll be sure to get some giggles. But what would make this costume really pop? When you add some of our great clown accessories like make up, colorful wig, and big clown shoes.

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Giggles the Clown Costume

Giggles the Clown Costume for Adults


Everyone loves a clown; or…at least those who aren’t afraid of them do. Bring some much needed sunshine into your grumpy coworkers’ lives and let the story of when you showed up in these bloomers, hoop skirt, and dress live in office infamy. Pick up a clown nose and wig to really look the part and put those naysayers in their pouty places!

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Tickles the Clown Costumes

Tickles Clown Costume for Adults


Bottom line: this silly behavior means you’re a clown at heart at the very least, and the only way for you to ever be happy is to put on a wacky costume like this—ideally, paired with a set of big floppy shoes. They would match the pink satin polka dot dress, the matching hair scrunchies, and the oversized hoop-skirt.

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Adult Clown Costume

Clown Costume for Adults


The costume includes a yellow vest that velcros in the back for closure and has an attached white, undershirt. A colorful bow tie is attached at the top and red buttons decorate the vest. A red and blue jacket with green and yellow sleeves is worn over the vest. Two faux pockets sit on the hips and it closes with an elastic band that is hidden by the two large, orange buttons. The collar is lined with a colorful plaid pattern that is also found on the pants. The pants have an elastic waistband and red and blue cuffs. The costume is complete with the included, foam hat. The top hat features a yellow daisy in the front to give this costume a classic touch.

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Clown Costumes for Adults

Clown Costume for Adults


The costume includes a blue, red, and orange jacket, with an attached yellow button up vest adorned with colorful polka dots. A rainbow bow tie with an elastic band fastener to be worn around the neck. And to cover the nether regions, colorful rainbow pants with an elastic waist band. Just add big shoes, make up, a red nose, balloons, a tiny car, a unicycle, for a classic circus clown look.

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Clown Tutu Costume for Adults

Tutu lulu Clown Costume for Adults


You will be the perfect concoction of cute and sexy in our Tutu Lulu the Clown Costume. With plenty of bright and eye catching colors you are sure to brighten up any dreary ole’ costume party as soon as you walk through the door, no tricks required! Add a crazy and colorful wig to this costume to get the full look or even go the extra mile and grab some temporary hair dye!

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Adult Clown Gown

Clown Costume for Adults


It’s a brightly colored polyester dress in all colors of the rainbow. There’s yellow off-the-shoulder sleeves, different layers to the skirts (both stripes and polka dots), and a hoop skirt to give the dress volume. There’s rainbow trim, gold sequin bands, a polka-dot collar, and even a red bowed headband to top it off.

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