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34 Babies in Halloween Costumes from Huffington Post – Where to Find

Baby Lobster Costume

Baby Lobster Costume

There was an article in the Huffington Post on Oct 15, 2014 titled “34 Babies in Halloween Costumes The Whole World Needs to See’.   These costumes are sooo cute.  Some of them I couldn’t find because you just have to be creative and DIY it, but some of them can be bought online.  Here are some places and costume ideas for babies and kids.  Find more baby costumes here.

Princess Leia

Princess Leia Costume
Princess Leia Baby Costume - Star Wars

Click here to get Princess Leia Baby Costume for $21.95


Ballerina Costume
Girls Ballerina Barbie Costume

Click here to get Ballerina Costume for $34.99


Flamingo Costume
Fancy Flamingo Costume

Click here to get Kids Flamingo Costume for $58.99


Chicken Costume
Infant Cutie Chicken Costume

Click here to get Kids Chicken Costume for $58.99


Monkey Costume
Infant Monkey Costume - Lil' Monkey

Click here to get Monkey Costume for Babies for $49.95


Toy Story Woody Costume for kids
Toy Story Woody Costume for kids

Click here to get Toy Story Woody Costume for kids for $19.95

Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Costume
Raggedy Ann Costume for Babies

Click ere to get Raggedy Ann Costume for Babies for $38.99


Peacock Costume
Baby Precious Peacock Costume

Click here to get Peacock Costume for Babies $57.95


Octopus Costume
Tiny Tentacles Octupus Costume for Baby

Click here to get Octopus Costume Babies for $54.99


Elvis Costume
Elvis Onesie Costume for Babies

Click here to get Elvis Costume for Babies for $34.99


Lobster Costume
Infant Lobster Costume - Lil Lobster

Click here to get Lobster Costume for Baby for $45.95

Captain America

Captain America Costume
Infant Captain America Cutie Costume

Click here to get Captain America Costume for Babies for $32.95


Tinkerbell Costume
Baby Tinkerbell Costume - Infant

Click here to get Tinkerbell Costume for Babies for $26.95